Goodbye WordPress… I Moved

Heyyyyyyy! Yes, I know… where have I been? I totally abandoned my blogging duties and went MIA for quite some time. Truth is I was wrapping up school and my internship and life has been so hectic with graduating that I completely neglected my blog. Well… I’m back BUT I moved.

For a while I was contemplating moving my blog over to blogger OR creating a completely new blog, and I decided on creating a brand new blog. I came to this decision because I realized who I am as a writer now and I feel that my WordPress blog was a test trial for me. This whole blogging thing is so new to me and I have to admit, I somewhat struggled with it for a while. I had so much going on I wasn’t giving myself the room to write and I had so many moments where I wrote and I didn’t feel like it was my best work.

I’m happy to have started this blog because now I know who I am as a writer and what I want to share with my audience. I also found a great joy in writing which I haven’t done since I was about sixteen or seventeen years old. So anyway….

I may be moving but I’m technically not going anywhere, I just found a new space to call home so you can follow me over to my new site and subscribe. Below is the link, come follow me!

Grad pic 1

and YES, I graduated, come follow me on my journey as a post-graduate and where I am off to next.





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