Oh, The Place’s You’ll Go

places you will go

So what are you waiting for?

Most people don’t enjoy talking about death. Well I’m not like most people so get ready to be awakened. I only have one point to make, and that is to remind you that one day you will cease to exist. Your body will be nothing but a housing arena for all living insects and Mother Nature will tear your corpse apart. The universe will continue to go on as if you were a non-factor to the environment. You are a tiny spec to what the universe has to offer. Technically, you are insignificant to the universe, you don’t matter. Time does not go on a standstill until you complete your destiny, the universe could care less about what you are trying to accomplish. Time will always exist, with 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year; you have no excuses. The universe doesn’t care if you matter, but if you want your life to matter to the universe only you can make that happen. Understand that your time doesn’t start now, the countdown to your final days started a long time ago. What you choose do to with your time now and moving forward is what’s truly going to matter.

So what are you waiting for? Where are the places that you will go, the things that you will see? What will you discover? What will you create? Are you going to go, or are you going to continue to stay confined to your comfortable lifestyle. Your lifestyle doesn’t care about your lifestyle just as much as the universe doesn’t care about you!

oh-the-places-youll-go pic 2

Too many people are focused on living comfortable lives; no one wants to change anymore. But don’t you know that comfort is just as dangerous as change, in fact it’s even deadlier. Why are people so afraid of failing? Failure has never been the cause of any man’s death. Time does not give you room to ponder; you only have time to take chances and move forward.

We are living in a world where people are too afraid to live. Humans are afraid to be alone, we are afraid to talk about our feelings, we are afraid to take risks, we are afraid to give chances, we are afraid to live beyond our horizon and the sad part is we are afraid of everything that we don’t need to be afraid of.

Oh, the places you will go only if you would allow yourself to live beyond your limits. There is so much world to see and so much world to explore, so many opportunities and so many ideas that are waiting to be born. All those opportunities you crave will lay dormant until you make the move to go after them.

Don’t tell me you are afraid of being laughed at. Don’t tell me that you honor the opinions of others… If the very planet you live in doesn’t give two craps about your life why do you care about the petty thoughts of other irrelevant human beings. The only way your life will be significant is if you make it significant, because the world isn’t going to do that for you. The only thing the universe is waiting for is for you to drop dead, do you want your tombstone to read “He succeeded at doing nothing with his life” or “she lived a life of fear, and it carried her nowhere” because that’s the only legacy you’ll be leaving behind if you continue to sit on your backside all day scrolling through Instagram wishing you were a replica of someone else and spending hours of your day watching nonsense reality TV.

And if people are not caught up in the mundane things of this world, they’re out there sobbing and boohooing because they just got their heart-broken by some specimen who’s going to die one day too. Life is to short for you too be trying to beg someone to love you… and yes, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you stick around in someone’s life who simply doesn’t want you. You spend 5+ years of your life in a relationship that doesn’t go anywhere except back to square one which is “I wonder if he’s cheating on me” ohhh stop it!!

Your life should matter enough to you that you would sacrifice anything to make your dreams come true.


So how do you do that? You just do it! Understand that you are a part of a game that has already started and you are running short on lives. Life only moves in one direction and that is forward, you can’t stop it, you can’t pause it. When you want something you must go after it because once that thing passes you by you can’t turn back to go get it.

You were placed on this earth with a purpose. The only way you will figure out what that purpose is is when you actually go out and do something! Be great, be awesome, we all have the ability to be magnificent but thoughts are meaningless when they aren’t accompanied by action.

Start the business already, quit the useless job, move out of the state, start the blog, get the degree, travel the world, stop reading boring books, run the marathon, make that phone call, write the book, do the performance, tell people how you really feel and do whatever your heart desires you to do. Stop being a punk… you’re too old for that!

What you choose to do could ultimately change someone’s life, you could inspire someone… OR it could be a major epic fail, and guess what… failure is not a cause of death, and if it’s not going to kill you, then you have no reason not to do it.

Now go ahead and be awesome, you have permission.




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