Soul Food Sunday’s: Fee Fi Fo Fum Part Two

Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

During the start of the New Year I began to ponder and conjure up all these magnificent ideas of how I would make 2014 significant. My ego was on a high and my mind was fully satisfied from the flows of creativity that streamed through my consciousness. But of course, as I continued to dream bigger and have vision, this distressing emotion took over me and I found myself having a battle with reality and fantasy as I conjured up all these destructive thoughts about how I couldn’t possible achieve what it is that I am trying to attain.

That emotion that I am talking about is fear. Fear has the ability to cripple and hinder someone from striving to attain whatever it is that one desires. The problem with fear is that it lives in the master’s house, and the master of the household is you. Yes, you! Fear is not an outside emotion that forces its way into the body, it is an emotion that all human beings possess and have ownership of. We all have the power to choose our stones as well as our Goliath’s.

I told you a few weeks ago I wanted to talk to you about fear, well here I am. If there’s one thing I would like to rid the body of, fear is at the top of my list. Fear is just another entity for the devil to bind you in chains and tells you what you can not do. He knows how great your calling in life is and his only desire is to steal, kill and destroy.

Steal, kill and destroy indeed, and when you live a life lead by fear you will live a life by design that is only set up to steal, kill and destroy your every ability to succeed in life. And don’t be fooled, though that is the devils mission God gave us the power of choice, like I said, fear only lives in its masters house.

What are you fearful of? How many times have you reminded yourself of what it is that you can’t do rather than glorifying your strengths and what it is that you can do! Are you going to choose to walk the earth gathering stones to come against your adversaries, or are you going to continue to create your own Goliath’s? If you find yourself coming against Goliath, your only motive should be to make him bow down to you!

You shouldn’t be afraid of fear, fear should be afraid of you!


2 thoughts on “Soul Food Sunday’s: Fee Fi Fo Fum Part Two

  1. You’re so right. And I couldn’t even list the things I missed or didn’t do in the past just because I was scared. I actually think most people are in a constant fight with fear.

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