Soul Food Sunday’s:CurlBox

This Sunday I’m going to talk all things natural hair care

Nothing refreshes the soul more than having an awesome hair day!

So now if you are not apart of the natural hair community, meaning if you are still processing your hair with chemicals then you will most likely not give any craps about this post. But I hope you still read it and feel convicted enough after to let go of the creamy crack and fully embrace your kinks and coils. Just go for the big chop, change is always good for the ego.

Now for those of you who have already started the transitioning process or you are a natural hair veteran I think we can all agree that finding the right product is not only time-consuming but it is costly as well. When I first went natural I went on a product binge and bought anything I could find under 10 bucks. I thought I was doing myself a favor since I was reaching for the cheaper products but I’m no fool, I can add and multiply and when that time came around for me to see how much in total I would spend on products the cost was just outrageous.

Now that I’ve decided to stop hoarding hair products I’ve been searching for ways to try different products without having to deplete my bank account acting like I’m employed and what not. And then I came across CurlBox. All the rave behind this master piece is that you pay twenty dollars a month and you receive a box full of natural hair goodies. The box generally includes two large product sizes and various sample sizes from different product lines. Sounds like something you can’t beat right? So I went ahead and signed up and yesterday I received my very first CurlBox… yayyyy!!

So here’s the CurlBox and everything it contains…

Now I’ll be honest as soon as I opened the box the moment was bittersweet. I was astonished at the fact that the whole box was a full size package from Carol’s Daughter, but my slight sadness was because of the fact that the contents were Carol’s Daughter. Now although I’ve never tried this particular line, I had one encounter with Carols’ Daughter Chocolat line in my hair and I’ll simply say that we did not get along…. at all. But, since I do have room for forgiveness in my heart, plus I already spent my money shoo… Why not give this woman and her daughter another shot.

And if you have been hesitating on registering for the CurlBox you should give that a shot as well. The value of this Carol’s Daughter line exceeds far more than twenty bucks! Imagine what else will come in the next few months as I ride out this natural hair journey.

All I know is, when you are having a good hair day…. can’t nobody tell you nothin!

Minaa B.


3 thoughts on “Soul Food Sunday’s:CurlBox

  1. This is great. Trying to find the right products for your hair can be expensive. I haven’t heard of them before but the idea is great. I checked their website but doesn’t seem like they ship to the UK. thanks for sharing.

    • Yeh it’s worth it in my eyes. There’s another company that does the very same thing for the same price that I hear is good & it’s called CurlKit. You should see if they ship to the UK.

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