A Hungry Heart

We are always roaming with a hungry heart – Tennyson

Satisfaction. I am quite perplexed by the human condition. We as a whole, humanity are a species who are always on a prowl. We hunt new prey every day. Our souls are just simply never satisfied. We are always in need, we are always consumed in getting more, and we are always strategic and sometimes willing to compromise our integrity to quench our thirsty souls.

We never stop searching; we are always on guard for our next fix. We disregard the power of living in the moment because we are consumed on how to satisfy our everlasting desire of attaining self-fulfillment in any kind of way. We long to possess a tapestry of love, peace, happiness, joy but yet we feed the flesh instead of feeding the soul.

We consistently find ways to devour temporary pleasures and we end up growing angry, bitter and resentful when underneath the fancy wrapping paper and the big red bow are simply temporary results… and what surprises me through it all, is that the things we are searching for cannot be short-lived, yet we continue to look for a gem in a sack of coal. We want love but look for it in all the wrong places; we abide by the rules of following ones heart but are unaware of how deceitful the heart can be.

We are always on the prowl for satisfaction. We desire growth, change and unlimited success but we can’t seem to step out of our comfort zones. We find new ways to become a slave each and every day; we drug, we over-sexualize, we over-glorify and we continuously grow accustomed to the four walls that we’ve built around us which we see as our universe. We quickly adapt to our conditions and find new ways to self-destruct. We feed ourselves poison and wonder why the spirit is always in need of purification.

We hide in our shame and we live behind our embarrassments. We are the creator of our own battles, we attack, we defeat but we never surrender. We strive to attain peace yet we contribute to the turmoil. We clothe ourselves in our good duties to hide our beastly hearts, and we satisfy our hungry souls by divulging in the belief that we are good people without realizing how completely flawed and erroneous that belief is. We have created a belief system to coexist with our morals, we’ve created a church to coexist with our spirituality and then we created God…. and then we killed him.

We are killers, we destroy, we extinguish and we continue to deprive of life anything that will give us oxygen to breathe. We slaughter ourselves and continuously invite in death before we invite in life. We flirt with death when we use our words to speak negativity into the atmosphere and over our lives, we kiss deaths lips when we engage in behaviors that are self-satisfying instead of edifying and we hold deaths hands when we put our faith into the things of the world. We run, we try to run away and we spend so much time looking at the thing we are running from that we don’t even realize where we are running too. We are running right back into the arms of destruction. The smell of death is always lingering, we are perfumed with the scent of destruction, and hence why we always run back to it.

When you are living an unsatisfied life, you will always be on a prowl for satisfaction. The problem with satisfaction is its evanescence, it is not long-lasting, and it simply bears short-term results. When we are hungry we feed ourselves but yet the hunger comes back, when we are bored we spend our hours in meaningless activity and when it’s over our boredom rises back to the surface, when we feel empty we please ourselves with shallow customs, and end up with a depthless heart.

When we can no longer sit with the results of temporary satisfaction we create our own definition of a higher power, something greater than ourselves. We mold and shape this spiritual thing we’ve created to fit our liking, and when our false God does not satisfy our needs, we kill him, and because we are continuously looking for satisfaction, we create another God and then we kill him too.

The spirit of a man is constructed out of his choices. If you choose to be one of those few who partake of the pleasure of growth and the exhilaration of godless freedom, then you must prepare yourself for the greatest pain. They are bound together and cannot be experienced apart”. When Nietzsche Wept

We are a culture that has shifted away from faith and into the meaningless things of the world. No matter where we turn, we are always roaming with a hungry heart, why not feed the soul with what is edifying rather than satisfying. We will always be predators hunting for prey, because we too need to survive. Survival is not solely based on feeding the belly, because our minds can kill us before hearts do. Survival is all about choosing life or death, some may think they are choosing life and they don’t even realize death is in their shadows.

There is an army that is getting ready to rise against you, and there is nothing that your flesh can do to equip you for this battle. What do we gain from spending our days on earth finding fulfillment’s in ungodly standards. We will consistently be trapped by the things in this world if we continue to choose to live as if we belong in this world, or are you unaware that this world is only your temporary home? The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy and he and God have one thing in common, they are both after your heart.

We are called to guard our hearts with all vigilance, for from it are the sources of life – Proverbs 2:23. Instead of hiding behind our good deeds we are taught to rather, clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh – Romans 13:14. Those who live accordingly to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires – Romans 8:5

The next time you crave for a moment of satisfaction, make sure you benefit on a mind, body and soul level. When one part of the body is broken, the rest of the body suffers. The flesh dwells in the courts of destruction, and the mind is not too far behind it. We are called to be vigilant, because our days of hunting are never over, our hearts are always roaming and we always searching to fulfill a need. How you choose to fulfill that need will determine whether you live in shackles or not.

Minaa B.


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