I Cheated On My Blog With A Juicy Burger

It’s been eight super long days of me being tired, drained and intellectually empty.

Are there rules to blogging? People ask me this all the time ever since I started the blogging journey. For some, the indefinite answer would be yes and for people like me the answer would be rules don’t exist in life.

I haven’t been on a hiatus from social outlets. I’ve been busy with the mundane things of the world like school and work and trying to figure out when I will be scheduling my next appointment with my therapist (yes, this is a crisis). Life has decided to sit on my shoulders this past week and the last thing I had on my mind were the inevitable rules about blogging. Posting content every day, checking in with other bloggers, leaving comments, checking freshly pressed and so forth.

I do however; almost feel like I’ve abandoned my online diary. I’ve enjoyed the comfort of sitting at my desktop and typing away all my stress, anxiety and discharging all my opinions out into the world. I then made my lack of posting content a stressor in my life from the fear of abandoning my blog and ultimately decided on getting back to writing. Figured I nail one problem at a time.

I find enjoyment in being able to escape from life for a few minutes and write away on my keyboard about all the things that have convicted me during the week and share those thoughts with the world. But this past week I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of divulging in juicy bacon cheddar-cheese burgers, lamb meatballs, hot chocolate, eggs Benedict, milk chocolate bars, any kind of potato chips and of course my new obsession with House of Cards thanks to Netflix. Has my life really come to this?

This food was to amaaaaazing

I’m cheating on my blog with the contents from my snack pantry. Instead of typing away all my stress I’ve been busy stuffing my face with all kinds of decadent’s. The thought of this being my last semester in school, moving out of NYC, looking for jobs and having to take a licensing exam is probably enough stress for someone to eat two whole red velvet cakes alongside a pint of ice cream and I would be the farthest to judge.

Life has truly decided to interrupt my carefree flow of being a twenty-something college student living at home with no bills, no worries and the luxury of not having to be employed while in school. Reality literally decided to slap me right across the face this week and I don’t even think writing all my worries out onto a blog would’ve saved me from that.

I’m tired y’all! I cringe at the thought of having to write another 10-15 page paper about psycho-dynamic theory and abide to APA guidelines. I’m tired of not being able to go home after a long day at my internship because I have to sit in class for an hour and forty-five minutes. I’m tired of this damn NYC weather that prolongs my commute every morning when it decides to snow. I’d rather be in bed with my eyes glued to my TV while I snack away at some high caloric treat.

So after a full week of gluttonous behavior I disgusted myself enough into going on a health binge and a workout frenzy. I’ve walked away from the red-meat monster and the chocolate devil. I now stuff my face with portion sized meals every three hours and crave healthy snacks like peanuts and fruit. I got down and dirty with my yoga mat and I dedicate thirty minutes of my time to a beginner’s workout. I even cut back on my wine intake (whoa!)

So far, so good, I have decided to be more faithful not just to my body but to my blog. In the midst of this time away from the blogging world I have come to realize that true authentic blogging really happens when you just let life happen. I find no desire in participating in blogging challenges or just writing content just so my archives can say I posted something on a particular date. What is there to write about if you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy life, which includes the good or the bad? Blogging is essentially about giving the world a tour of your life, if your writing is good enough whether you post twice a week or twice a month people will come back.

The idea that one should be uploading content every day is arbitrary and let’s be real, time-consuming. If you can manage that lifestyle, good for you, but for those who can’t that shouldn’t be a reason not to start a blog. As of right now, for me, blogging is my way of releasing my vibes and energy out into the universe. My blog has been a good friend to me over the last month and I promise to remain faithful to her from here on out. So instead of worrying about the things that matter I’ve decided to spend my time booking my graduation getaway, HA!

The struggle is real y’all. I’ve shared a snippet of my struggle now it’s time to share yours. Am I the only one who feels consumed with life right now?


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