Fine Dining NYC Style

Fig & Olive

So over the winter break a friend and I decided to go on a “treat yo’self date”. You know, one of those dates where you splurge on dinner for two and end up spending 65+ per person on an appetizer, entrée and a glass of wine, only in NYC of course. Well anywho, the semester was over and we took “treat yo’self” to the next level and dined at this wonderful exquisite restaurant called Fig & Olive on Fifth Avenue. We ordered the cheese plate for starters and we both had the pumpkin ravioli to finish it off. I love to finish off a meal with dessert (preferably something rich, moist and chocolaty) but my bank account was not about to be about that broke life so I held onto the extra $8 (not for long) and we called it a night. The place was packed and the wait was going to be long but luckily they have first come first serve tables by the entry way, but, if you like to roll with a crowd unluckily for you those tables are only fit for seating two. We were seated after waiting about five minutes since luckily we got there just in time to spot a couple wrapping up their dinner and we quickly took a seat. The server was polite and honest about the different things on the menu that his palate came in touch with and earned himself what I call a good tip for two loan dependent college students. The ambiance is great and it is also a nice little romantic spot for couples,serves an older crowd about 25yrs+ and a tolerant level of noise. If you’re ever in NYC or a native and looking for a fancy spot in the city, this place is definitely a winner.

Photocred: Google Images


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